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Current site statistics:

  • 125 brands
  • 95 bottlers (11 of which use returnable bottles)
  • 31 states
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This site is dedicated to soda (or as we say here in the Midwest "pop") that is bottled in the United States and is packaged in glass bottles. What is so great about glass bottles you say? One reason is that some people have vending machines that only dispense glass bottles. Also, the taste of soda that is packaged in glass is so much better than what is in cans or plastic bottles. You will not find soda here that is available in glass across the entire country (like 8 ounce Coke and Jones Soda to name a few). Instead, what is listed are the small regional bottlers. Some of the soda here is a unique brand, but some national brands are also listed since they are not packaged in glass everywhere (Dr Pepper and Sun-Drop are a couple).

The list of bottlers is arranged in six different ways: alphabetical, by brand name, if the bottler accepts mail orders, bottlers that still use returnable bottles, by state and traditional (old-time) bottlers. The last category was added to bring attention to the companies that still run things the old fashioned way and are not affiliated with a brewery. Keep in mind that even if the bottler does not offer their product by mail, there are a number of companies on the Internet that will sell you the products. A few of these Internet retailers are listed on the links page.

This is an ever increasing list. If you know of any bottlers that are not listed, please let me know. You can find the information on the Contact page listed on the left or join our Facebook page.

site news:

Added information to Twig's Beverages.
July 18, 2015

Added information to Dublin Bottling Works.
July 18, 2015

Add and changed information for Fitz's.
July 18, 2015

Cleaned up the Links page.
July 18, 2015

Added Whistler Bottling LLC, a Minnesota company bottling returnables under Whister Classic Soda and non-returnables under North Star Craft Soda.
July 5, 2015

Added Flavor 8 Bottling. to the RIP list.
July 5, 2015